Our Mission

We strive to infuse our products with extra love and positivity to make the day to day task of busy lives brighter, better, and smoother.

What We Stand For

143 is a numerical acronym originally used by Mister Rogers and gained popularity as a way to say 'I love you'. Our brand is built on the many philosophies of compassionate, driven, successful people, and each product is designed to bring those ideas to life and to positivitely impact the lives of each person receiving our products. Our collections are created to foster connections with others and within one's self, drive focus, and boost confidence.

Meet Lynzi

One of the co-founders of P.S. 143 Paper Co is a woman with many hats. She's a wife, a mother, a creater, a learner, and a teacher. She spent many years as a teacher in the classroom that revolved around books and love. She left the classroom in 2022 to persue other paths in life but longed for the connection and fulfillment that she had in the classroom. She works to infuse the same energy, creativity, and love into P.S. 143 and into the lives of those around her. She works with Rozlyn to create products that give others what they both seek in life...encouragement, organization, positivity, success, and love.

Meet Rozlyn

Rozlyn is a young design entreperenuer and has co-founded P.S. 143 Paper with her mom, Lynzi. Lynzi noticed the creative gene early on in Rozlyn and has fostered the exploration of creating and designing since Rozlyn was little. Rozlyn is always looking for inspiration wherever she is. Working hand-in-hand as a mother and daughter business duo to bring those ideas to life has been so fulfilling and reward for each of them.

Founder Favorites

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